Director and Member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists.

Education: Master of Science in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies with Distinction, University of Strathclyde (2019-2021); Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English (2:1), University of Exeter (2009-2012).

Contact number: +44 (0)7482 333101.


The Genealogist

John Thomas Travers

Ever since the 1901 census was first published online in 2003, I have been obsessed with all things genealogical. Armed with a tiny amount of information, my father and I parsed the records until we finally discovered his beloved grandfather. John Thomas Travers was recorded on the census as a steel rivet heater, a dangerous job by any stretch of the imagination. But John was only 13 years old. And at the time of finding this record, so was I!

In the course of one evening, I had been bitten by the genealogy bug and it has never left me since. In my twenties I balanced a marketing career with acting and writing several programmes for BBC Radio 4, but in my downtime I always returned to genealogy.

After realising I was just as interested in everybody else’s family tree as I am my own, I decided to make the permanent switch to qualified genealogist. And I feel confident my professional design and writing experience can bring your family stories to life in spectacular fashion.

Professional Family Trees & Narrative Books

Meticulously researched and fully referenced, my packages feature a wealth of information about the life and times of ancestors. As an experienced and qualified genealogist, my research skills are comprehensive and well-honed. I can also offer an exemplary level of professional design.

Consequently, I pride myself on delivering comprehensively researched, engagingly written and visually pleasing heirloom books to be passed down the generations. In addition, my professional family trees are researched and designed to the highest professional standard.

For those who have already undertaken genealogical research of their own, I offer the service of writing up and visually presenting your family story in book or tree format. This process usually involves a rudimentary fact-checking by myself.

I abide by the Professional Code of the Register of Qualified Genealogists.


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